Why Choose Mobile Veterinary?

Why Choose Mobile Veterinary?

Mobile veterinary offers you and your best friend a lot of advantages.

  • Convenience

We bring our “office” to you. Our Vet + Pet team understands how busy and chaotic life can be so it is our goal to simplify and help manage your pet’s medical needs.

  • Transporting

 Physical limitations can often complicate a trip to a veterinary office. Large pets or those afflicted with arthritis may experience pain and discomfort. Other pets just don’t travel well.  A simple car ride causes them extra stress and anxiety which may mask your pet’s symptoms making diagnosis and treatment more difficult.t and pain.

  • Travel

Some pets just don’t travel well. A simple car ride often causes them extra stress and anxiety before they even reach the veterinary office. Stress and anxiety leads to excessive shedding, nausea, and may even mask your pet’s symptoms making diagnosis and treatment more difficult.

  • Personalized Care

We offer a quiet, focused environment in which to discuss and manage your pet’s healthcare.  Your visit will not be interrupted or cut short by phone calls or waiting clients.

  • Multi-pet Households

Many families today have more than one pet which results in numerous trips to a traditional brick-and- mortar facility. Vet + Pet can easily handle multi-pet visits efficiently and economically.

  • Families

Getting to the vet with children and pets can be a difficult task. We will come to your home to treat your pet(s) at a time that is convenient for you and your family.

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